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Sell Your Home


As an experienced Realtor I can help you to get the most value for your home from the market place. Staging your home the right way and making it look as attractive as possible helps to sell your home as quickly as possible.  Also addressing home repairs prior to an offer helps you to look at what might be called by a buyer’s bank appraisal.  Getting an offer is one thing but a home must pass a bank appraisal.


We know what colors we love in our home,but a client wants a blank canvas when they move in. A light neutral fresh clean paint will absolutely help to sell a home.

Clean It Up

Your home should show at its best and can only do so when its decluttered and cleaned. Organize key areas of your home and make them as presentable as possible.

Less Is More

This is the time to start packing things up. You don’t want buyers to go through a house filled to the brim with your personal things and leave the house not remembering what the house looked like because there was way too much stuff inside. Your house is one in maybe 6 or 7 homes they will be looking at THAT DAY, make yours stand out, after all you are competing with the rest of the homes out there in your price range.


Those First 15 Seconds

I know this may sound funny, but go outside your front door and what do you see? When a potential buyer pulls up to the front of your house, they will look at the outside of your house and assess within 15 seconds weather or not they like your house. When they open the door, they will verify how they already feel about your home. Will the inside look like the outside? This is human nature and EVERYONE DOES THIS.

So, make the outside of your house just as presentable as the inside. No weeds and a nicely maintained lawn. Make sure the grass is neatly trimmed and the landscaping is maintained. Landscaping is very important. Even if you aren’t a master gardener, just plant some nice inexpensive shrubs along the front of your home.

Paint the exterior trim where it may look worn and put out a plant stand with some flowers to freshen up the look of your home. If you have room, consider putting out a little table and chairs or a porch swing.

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